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We Are a Team of Child Therapists Who Specialize in kids& Families –And We Want To Help.

 We’我们开发了几种不同的方式来支持现代父母 线上 世界 在里面 离线 世界。

If you are looking for individual therapy for your child age 3-23, or family therapy for your whole family, then you’ve found the right place!


If you need tools to use at home, we’ve also got you covered. Check out our free 和 premium resources for parents below.



We Provide therapy for kids ages 3 to 23, as well as for their families. Click on the button below to learn more about our services, staff, 和 values.




We tackle topics 在里面 areas of effective discipline strategies, parenting with confidence, kids 和 technology, the parent-child relationship, 和 non-traditional family types.


We help parents improve their parenting skills through 线上 parenting courses. Our courses are pre-recorded so you can gain the parenting skills you need, when you have the time to learn.


It’s important to us that our young patients feel comfortable when they spend time with us



This room allows our therapists to connect with their young patients, engage them 在里面rapy, challenge their current thinking/behaviors, 和– most of all –have fun 在里面rapy!


看看我们的 艺术治疗室!

We realize that it’s sometimes hard to talk about thoughts&feelings, so art serves as a unique bridge between current feelings&behaviors 和 new ways of dealing with challenges.



When our therapists use this room with one of their young patients, it might look like all they’re doing is playing –but SO MUCH MORE is going on!

Research tells us that kids communicate the best through play– so that’s the language we use with them.



This room allows our young patients to communicate about their emotions through their language–the language of PLAY!

Our child therapists are trained to use toys, games, 和 books as interventions in helping kids heal, improve, 和 feel better through play therapy interventions.



This room is designed for teens 和 famlies to feel comfortable talking, healing, 和 improving.


Modern 为人父母 is a parenting style that focuses on family-centered, research-informed, 和 connection focused parenting solutions.

今天’s parents want to be 骄傲 of their family (whether they are part of a traditional or non-traditional family structure) 和 信心 他们的育儿决定。

现代父母不’t want to be 告诉 如何父母,但他们知道’重要的是要意识到 当前的趋势 和 research in order to decide for themselves what tools to add to their parenting solutions“tool belt”.


如果听起来像您,那么您可能是 现代父母.

你好!一世’m Becca Ballinger博士

执业临床心理学家和现代 为人父母 Expert

I created Modern 为人父母 Solutions in order to help today’s Modern Parent address any challenge that comes their way. I wanted to develop both an 线上 和 离线 space where Modern Parents could gain the tools they needed to raise happy, motivated, 和 responsible young people.

As a parent to two wonderful young adults myself, I know first-hand the challenges that both parents 和 kids face today–but these challenges don’t have to become a permanent impediment that follows your child into adulthood!

I’ve trained my entire staff on the principles of Modern 为人父母, 和 they bring these principles into their therapeutic services 和 interventions. 

For the last 8 years, I’ve written extensively for large publications 和 provided trainings 和 seminars on Modern 为人父母 topics, but there’s nothing like working with kids, teens, 和 families individually.

毕业于 洛马琳达大学, my research 和 training background is with suicidal, self-harming adolescents 和 their families, so this is my speciality when working with kids. I’ve also hired great therapists who specialize in other areas such as play therapy, trauma, ADHD, oppositional defiance, 和 much more.

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The resources presented on the Modern 为人父母 Solutions 网站 are not intended to replace therapy–they are for reference 和 educational purposes only. As every family is individual 和 unique 在里面ir strengths 和 weaknesses, the resources 和 advice supplied on this 网站 are general in nature 和 should never replace any medical or psychological services that you may be currently engaged in. Please contact a mental health professional if you have any questions.

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